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Monday, January 5, 2015

Breastfeeding Journey 201

Yer..sekolah dah bermula macam biasa and I'm back to class ABC in breastfeeding. Banyak menda dah lupa, especially handling EBM. Hehe.

The first pump on Day 3 after delivery

The second pump on Day 4

Still on Day 4 but in the evening

Alhamdulillah, milk production was as good as the old time and even better :) I am not planning to keep EBM since I am not working but my milk (praise to Him) was keep on coming and I just have to pump every 2 hours tapi sometimes ignore jugak pain tu. Letih jugak ngadap pump je kan. So I regularly pump after I wake up in the morning, once in the noon, once in the evening and once before going to bed. Kadang2 tgh tdo pun bangun jugak sebab nak tunggu pagi dah tak selesa. Lagipun my milkstorage dah takde. Botol pun tak cukup nk store. Kne berkira-kira nak simpan, so far baby tak reject EBM and I already introduce the bottle on his Day 3.

I always heard that baby boy nurse a lot more than baby girl which I normally react 'Alaa..budak kalau die nak minum banyak, die minum la banyak' tapi statement tu betul rupenye and I probably can review it again when I have another child to compare. This boy already had his 3oz in one serving on his 7th days old!! Now he is 17 days old and he could finish almost 4oz when he just wake up from long sleep.

May Allah ease another journey of mine and hopefully I can do this again until he is 2 years old. Amin..

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