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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

(Turning) 8 months Aqil

Above all, he checked cord, toilet and cats. No sign of stuffing things to his mouth which probably explains why he still have no interest with food. He ate some but only when he wants it, like Durian the other day (even the sister dont eat it)

Had started standing-up attempt and climbing our sofas. Falling and wobbling is normal these days, and with the separation anxiety kicks in, I hardly done anything. Or if I did, that is when he is either in Boba or I am wearing earplug while doing dishes :p

Still an easy baby but need more of me (or anyone) to be with him. Am so happy that he is sociable that I can have my me time whenever I have someone else at home, unlike the sister last time.

Loves water so much that he'll cry if I bath him not long enough. Toilet pun dah tau and he'll move as fast as he could whenever someone open the toilet door. His two favourite doors were toilets and entrance door because he knows the entrance door will bring to outside home. Dpt duduk dlm stroller kat porch pun happy enough dh.

Thats all for now. Am typing this while he is sleeping. Better move before he wakes up. Hehe.

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orggilacinta said...

samala menulis time diorg tido je..baru leh feeling..