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Saturday, July 4, 2015

My doughnuts journey

I am a big fan of doughnuts (well, who is not?) So this is indeed in my have-to-make list. I am so ambitious that I borrow Angah's doughnuts cutter which it took me half a year to actually make it at home.

(tutup muka)

The first time, I used this one recipe and since I always have the bad luck with dough, I altered here and there, follow my I-dont-know-if-it-works-but-probably-it-might guts. It took me half a day to finish it due rolling the dough, place the cutter and what not. Sigh..so much work of making this food. Hence, my dough turns soggy and well, with some help at home, I didnt throw it and somehow get to eat my own doughnuts but the taste, bolehlah. Haha.

I am bit challenged when it didnt work for the first time. So I tried different recipe from non other Azlita's. It almost didnt turn to as perfect (actually not even half perfect pun.hehe) as hers but few tips from my Bruneian's mom help this time around. My KA helps the kneading, so I must say it is quiet easy.

My 3 years old love it to bits and I could only feast my own eyes because these father-daughter-doughnuts monsters finish the last batch. Thus I just need to do it again but since today I am at Umie's, I need to used my bare hand and knead for half hour (I started to miss my KA after the first few minutes).

Alhamdulillah my dough is getting better. In fact, I dont need a rolling pin and I dont even use cutter pun. I fried half of the dough and baked the rest. The verdict? I prefer fried ones of course. Texture much softer than the baked ones.

Thank you for this life saver recipe. I think I gain my confidence with dough. Next on my list to make the sugar bun (roti paung) sbb dh 3kali buat tp it's not the same as what I want. I'll give her recipe a try later on. But first, the little monster is galloping her doughnuts now and Im enjoying what I see at the moment :)

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