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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6 months Aqil

Aqil is such a cheerful baby. Generous with smile and laugh. Not much a cry baby like his sister at this age. Nak bawak pergi rumah orang pun senang. No crazy screams whenever stranger holds him.

Dah boleh meniarap. Laju dah and started to crawl which I found he is getting into it. Dah ade 2 rangkak ke depan but falls down whenever he tries to move forward with his hand. Ade attempt nak duduk jugak sekali just now.

Solid food dah started but Ibu wasnt that seriously prepare for it. Had made oats+raisins/dates and porridge+chicken stock+carrots but he didnt fond of them. He ate mangoes better than the rest. I notice he loves something squishy and juicy. Hmm better try with pears or apples but I doubt he'll like it.

Sleeping pattern still the same. 10pm and he is out to dream land. Sleeps through the night and only wakes for milk. Nap time ade sikit trouble sebab he wants to feed for hours before he could be in deep sleep. Yes, thanks to him, everything needs to wait. Haha.

A big fan of his sister, as small as 'hah' from Rauhah can makes him giggle hard. Alhamdulillah for such beautiful bond with these two. Rauhah pun being nice at times I couldnt handle him (probably while Im in solat or shower) by giving him a pat or singging her own 'Dont cry adik' song. Funny thing is, the song always work. I told you Rauhah has that magic with her brother. Bab toys kne tolerate and watch lagi sebab the sister is so garang bile adik grab her toys while she's playing it.

In terms of health, alhamdulillah. Nothing major and I hope this shall continue forever. Stay cheeky my little caliph. We all love you tonnes!


Dils said...

Ooh.. so sweet lah . I pon macam malas je solid food die kali ni. I bagi instant cereal tu jugak sebab ade hari I penat and malas, also still berpuree. I am sticking to what he likes je dulu benda yg rase berlemak,sweet potato, pumpkin, peas.

Lepas raya baru nak start porridge! Haha.

The wife said...

Anak baru 2, I dah malas. Hahaha. Teruk btul. Kalau ade KPI SAHM ni, I mmg under performance ni ><