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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ganglion Cyst

I didnt notice when I had this small lump on my left palm. If I could guess it properly, maybe during my pregnancy with Aqil. It doesnt hurt but I sometimes I feel numb when I'm peeling fruits (eg: mango) or bawang especially, thinking maybe the position but I dont think it is normal kalau baru start peeling sebiji dua dah rase kebas kan?

mine wasnt visible at my palm but kalau tekan mmg ade the lump

I've done several massages but meh, doesnt go away. Husband jenis tak percaya urut2 ni so he advised to go for a checkup. Meet Dr.Sharifah (I love her!) at Twin Tower MC and she said it is a cyst. No surgery needed but probably a therapy. I've been scheduled to meet Dr.Samsudin but I am not sure if I could make it.

Since dah tau it's a cyst so trus google and found that it can disappear over time. Sebab tu tak serious nak proper check up bagai. Will do, but most probably not KL lah kot sebab jauh tapi I love the services, how *haih

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