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Friday, December 5, 2014


Sneezing is uncomfortable for the person who had to bear it for god-knows-how-long, especially when you dont know what might caused it. Husband had this issue for as long as I know him but we both didnt really look the matter seriously - probably the weather ke or lately we've notice maybe the lack of rest that he had. Yang penting, tak selalu kan, so macam takdelah worrisome sangat.

He used to have asthma tapi masa kecik je. Husband ni jenis sneeze yang tahap kuat boleh gegar rumah tau. When Rauhah was born, I always give him these cold gaze whenever he's about to sneeze. Kacau baby tido tau. Tapi lama2 Rauhah pun dah immune bunyi Abi die bersin tu.

Husband has been gone back and forth to the clinic but nothing seems answering the cause neither provide the ultimate solution (drugs) for his sneeze. So he took it to the specialist and went for further check up. He had done physical check up and nothing suspicious about it. The lung was clear and even he had no issues with sinusitis pun! Konon nk tuduh resdung tapi takde. The next step was he had to take the blood test and waited for a month for detail result. 

And now, we finally had the answer that he actually had allergies to dust mite. Off charts lagi weh! So no wonder when we moved to Kerteh, die jarang bersin macam dulu. Probably the air is cleaner and plus since I'm not working, so rajin la buang habuk and clean the house.

Ade few things lagi yang he's allergic to

We had a long chat about this and it means more chores after this. Rumah kalau tak berkilat lagi xtau lah. Luckily I'm the kind of person who loves doing laundry - so xde masalah kalau takat basuh cadar, towel every 2-3 days but bab nak menjemur and vacuum bagai tu, humph... doakanlah kerajinan dan kekuatan tu lebih ye. Amin.

Doctor had suggested few solutions macam gune dust mite net or controller that cost RM300++ First time dengar such thing and harga pun hmm-hmmm :P For internal use boleh consume Znet tapi temporary jugak la. Kalau dah allergies ni, memang kne banyak control, nak hilang permanently seems impossible. At least now, we both know what to avoid and who's our enemy is ;)

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