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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I always love jewellery, well, who's not? I tend to buy these jewellery when I went out for holiday, just for the sake of reminiscing the good memories (although we already know that is not the obvious reason. Women buy just because the like it.lol)

I even kept it nicely in musical box which I adore so much after I bought it. Everything was in place until Rauhah invaded my treasure box at one fine day. She had harassing my precious and most of my sentimental jewellery (given from friends) been rope off. Ahh..the price of growing up T_T

Now, I already have solid reason to find new jewellery for replacing it, right? :P Luckily Zalora Malaysia offers these items at affordable price! Just look at some of these eye candy. Be prepared to buy more than one! Don't tell me if I hadnt warn you, ladies :)

By the way, I have plenty of plain tops to match these charms to make a statement (justification alert to husband :P)

1 comment :

Aan Andes said...

wow...i never knew zalora have nice brooches! ok hopping there now!