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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Salam Aidiladha everyone! We didnt balik kampung this time around. I was disappointed when Husband decided to Raya at home and I literally praying that Allah soften his heart so we could celebrate it either Kuantan or Besut. I also prayed that we dont break our parents heart and soften all of our heart as well, including myself.

I dont get his idea of wanting to rest at home during festive season - Raya kot!! I wanted to argue but I kept silence because we always balik kampung pun lately and in few weeks time nak balik lagi.

I understand that he became restless of travelling every weekend but he can also have his rest at kampung kann. This is the man part that I dont get.

Husband wasnt the type of saying he miss us whenever he's away but he suddenly did this time around.

Then it hit me that he actually want to spent time with us (just Rauhah and me) and God had answer my prayer that He soften my heart to understand his. Much drama for raya this time but I'm glad that I try to keep cool and only speak to Him because only He knows best :)

So basically we are at home on Raya for the first time ever! It still felt like normal Aidiladha even we are away because PIL decided to stay overnight a day before Raya, bringing the goods from kampung - rambutan and dokong. Such a blessed!

Plus, our closest neighbour was around. They had makan-makan and I already feel like a family when spending half day at theirs on the first Raya.

The next day was at Zac's where we makan banyak gile. Tak tipu dan tak malu. Haha. Siap tak puas rase nak buat lagi sup daging esok tapi mengenangkan daging pasar ni, trus mati selera. Tapi tetiba rezeki datang dari jiran bg daging korban. Whoa.. That silent prayers.

Things arent always bad when we tend to do out of norm and I must say this Aidiladha teach me to be more tolerant and patience on what God had planned for us. The key is always have a good thoughts on everything that has happen. May your Eid gives another meaning to your life as well as what it does to me ;)

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