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Friday, September 19, 2014

25 months Rauhah

I think Rauhah is at her best age of all these 25 months living with us. She understands plain instructions and more interactive than ever. There always a thing about this age where she just innocently making funny gestures or response to our questions playfully.

Like asking 'Sayang Ibu tak?' and she would answer 'Shayang'. Then if we asked 'Banyak ke sikit?', she would normally repeat the last choices which in this case 'sikit' tapi skarang dah tau pilih 'Banyak' or sometimes saje jawab sikit sebab tahu her parents would react funnily jugak and asked her to change her answer :p

Her character pun dah start developed, nampak jenis pengemas dan pembersih, although tak suke sikat rambut skalipun. Haha. Kalau makan, die xsuke tumpah and if she does, she'll swipe off out of her eyes. Sampah pun tau, kene buang dlm dustbin.

Social skill dah improved sikit especially with people yang biasa die jumpe. Dengan stranger pun ok la, takde la nangis tapi she would shyly head down whenever adults greets her tapi kalau ada kids around, she'll slowly makes friends with them.

Not a fussy eater till now, tapi dah pandai pilih tak nak greens. Humph.. luckily boleh sneak the greens when I feed her. Kalau makan sendiri, die akan buang greens off her plates. Nak makan sayur yang tak hijau like carrots and tomatoes je.

There are few things that I need to do now; potty train and wean off (yes! she still latching when she needs her sleep, although this happen occasionally) I'm now at the phase of not bothering much to do these two sebab believe it's still early tapi bile reading articles that we can start doing these at this age and reading few success stories, making me wanting to do the same. But heh, malas and tak kuasa nak berperang dan strict at this moment.

Right now, I just want to enjoy and embrace her life as it is by trying to let things happen naturally. As far as things tak crucial, biarlah hidup stress free sikit dalam bab membesarkan anak ni. Barulah bertenang dalam facing them everyday. Walau die nak tantrums pun kite rilek je. Haha.

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