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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The hunter strikes again

Macam biasa la pemburu Big Bad Wolf kita, musim ni pegi lagi dan as the same reason like always is nak beli buku anak. He spent the whole day yesterday and even had his sleepover kat surau before continue searching for the books. Gila, I know :P

Here's the haul this time around tapi sangat over bila siap beli buku Maths and English up to 10 years old =_=

He bought the whole year series

Ni pun dalam category budak besar punyer buku jugak

Rauhah just been introduced with sticker and luckily ade these item sold with the sticker book. As usual, one is not enough.

Another few fun items that caught his eyes, like these paper models and origami which I have to hand these over him when the time comes. I can read her books 100th time but bab skill yang ni bagi Husband buat lah, die memang minat.

Story books harus tak lupa - adding to her collection last year. Kali ni pop up book yang age appropriate sebab hard paper, unlike yang dulu. The one that Husband bought last year masih dalam simpanan sebab fragile sangat. Tunggu la another year nak bagi die explore.

Rauhah is about to turn 3 next year and we both excited to seriously start schooling her. Some basic for a start, mostly tracing:

These two are tiny books and die buat macam building block pulak, main susun but luckily sambil main tu die belek jugak the page and sebut the items inside.

The most exciting items was this one - Diary on Wimpy Kid art set. She spent hours dengan coloring set ni. Quality agak huduh since production tahun 2010 kan but boleh la bagi die seronok ngn set ni. RM18 je.

Pastu dok scribble atas buku ni

How about ours? Dalam pada restraining ourselves beli sebab ade few books at home tak baca lagi, ada jugak la seketul dua :P

Disclaimer, this is not mine. Husband is very artsy you know. Sewing nih!

Mine! I probably finish this while nesting at mom this month ;)

The sale last for two weeks and they restocked new items everyday. Husband ni pergi pun sebab die purposely reschedule his appointment. If we were still in KL, I think he'll go there everyday kot. Haha. Pergilah kalau berkesempatan. Im sure you'll grab at least one :P


Dils said...

Memang banyak kids book your husband amik! A lot yang memang berbaloi la pegi.

The wife said...

sebab tu die gigih nak pergi. nk borong sakan! haha. i rse kalau i pergi, double the haul la kot :p