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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breastfeeding Journey 114

I had slowly started the weaning since Rauhah was 18 months. It seems easy when she refused the smell, look and taste of tamarind and I decided to use it as the trick.

At first, everything seems possible when I just ignore her tantrum but it's hard to remain sane and patience with this little human. She'll cry for as long as she could until she falls asleep which I think it is not good for her growth. Although hugging will soothe her for a while, she still cry her hearts out until there's a point my heart melt. Then it comes to a hassle when I have to clean off everytime I use the tamarind *sigh*

The thought of 'letting it happen naturally' starts bothering me when she keeps doing the tantrums trick. So thats what happen until today. She'll turn two in less than two weeks and no sign of stop breastfeeding.

Tapi... Cehh nak jugak tapi. She only needs it before her nap and bedtime. Ok lah kan? She rarely wants my milk the rest of the day and boleh faham bila dahaga, she can drinks plain water or any colored water that she likes. Tawar xpe, janji ada warna. Kids...

We had introduced fresh milk but she'll refuse plain water terus. Macam2 nak suruh weaning off. Progressing tapi macam susah je. Or ke sebab mak die yg sedih jugak nak let go? Haha. Nak kene stop jugak ni by this year, nnt lagi banyak hassle pulak. Wish us luck!!!


Unknown said...

Good Luck Ain! :) Nnt bg tips kejayaan ko eh..aku pon soon nk wean off jgk..tapi alahai syg la plak..hahhaa boleh? kalo boleh nk dia nyusu lagi sampai 3thn..hahaha larat ke aku? hahahah

btw, selamat hari raya..maaf zahir dan batin ye..

Kem slm ngn rauhah.. :)

The wife said...

Buat je slagi mampu. Chaiyok!

Rauhah says amishu auntie!! Slamat hari raye!!!