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Thursday, February 13, 2014


I already draft a blog to announce my second pregnancy but of course Allah is the best planner of all.

I bleed on Sunday and it took me three days to find the right doctor which includes after went to three clinics and two hospital that I found out the baby didn't grow as what he/she should be. The size was 6 weeks where he/she should be in 11 weeks size.

I've done my first scan at Klinik Kesihatan Kerteh but the doctor told me she didnt see anything. It was very fast process and I saw the she was very rush during the whole scannning process. Thinking it was too early to detect the baby, I kept quiet and told myself that the doctor probably was right.

Things were different when I met Dr.Suraya at Kuantan Specialist when I told her my experience in Klinik Kesihatan. She said the doctor could already see the baby and the heartbeat by six weeks on obstetric scan. I told her that I have the same experience during the first pregnancy where the doctor couldnt see the heartbeat until I did the transvaginal scan at 3 months.

She then starts the obstetric scan and we could see the baby and the sac. I was happy and start to feel relief but I heard nothing. Dr.Suraya keep the positivity by saying 'See, ada ni baby. The sac is here. Ada je. Ok kita check dengan transvaginal scan pulak,okay?'

Again, no sounds of the heartbeat and Dr Suraya explains about the baby size and the whole thing. This may sounds weird but I felt relief after knowing what happen to me. The DnC was smooth, painless and I have my good rest at Umie's until the whole pantang ends. Pantang without a baby is sad when you already experience the actual pantang is.

Devastated sounds overrated but Husband and I learn a lot of things this time, expecially handling the services in Kerteh. No more waiting game and lets hope next time will be easier for us. Amin.


Dils said...

Sorry to hear this. Have a speedy recovery.

The wife said...

Thank you Dils :)