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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hubby aku suke buat kejutan (kononnyerlah) Last time it was during my training days on Saturday. He texted and saying going to Subang to collect my gift. Someone called him and saying that there's a courier for me. Haih..sape plak secret admire nk post2 hadiah kat aku neh. Puas meneka tapi tak tau. He even mention 'Besar ni dear. Boleh tahan gak berat ni' Uih..lagi la eksited.

Sampai2 rumah tengok alamat kat courier tu - Muhammad Hafiz. Sabar jelah tau. Sengih je laki aku pastu cakap 'Advance birthday prezzie' Lalu menjeling lah aku dengan pandangan tajam. Fishy. Hamenda la ni. Bukak the packaging and saw two word...Macbook Air. Awww.....tersenyum tersipu2 kejap. My wishlist come true! Hug. Hug. Lompat. Lompat. Girang. Hehe.

Wheheeee..thank you, Love :D

Then today, he had another courier when he fetch me from work. As always the answer is 'Hadiah sayang la' Umphh...

Sokmo2 pun hadiah sayang.

Taklah. Satu abang. Satu sayang.

Game lah tu.

Yelah. Game for me. Sayang punyer ni kalau sayang tengok mesti sayang suke.

Kalau tak suke camne?

Mesti suke punyer.

Kenyang tak hadiah ni?

Tak. Lapar lagi ade.

Umph..tak best.

Balik2 rumah, da la kalut nk masak untuk berbuka. Die plak kalut suh kiter bukak packaging tu. Belek2 address kali ni and saw from CIMB. Hmm..tak leh teka. Makanya buka trus tanpa alasan. Then nampak menda yang paling dinantikan.

Body Fat Scale!

Hubby claims his CIMB credit card points and browsing through the points brochure. So we decided to claim his 30 thousands points to this. They have few other choices but thinking of buying this thing that cost hundreds at the time when both of dont really cares about the fat scale (we already have our weight scale), consider not an option. So having this bonus points was really a prize to give a way. Hehe.

Ha..skali ngn bateri bagi

Some info from the box

Hey, dont give us that look. Ok fine! Both of us weight ourselves of course and boy, we are messing with the wrong machine. Apparently my visceral fat is higher that Hubby. Dont make me start on the rest but of course I weight less than him. Haha. I suddenly hate this scale cause it shows all the calories, fat and what ever they have it inside. I started to feel I'm in the Herbalife time again. Bah. Takpe2. Pasni makan oat tiap2 hari. I'll beat you one day my dear!

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