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Friday, August 26, 2011

Baked Salmon

We bought salmons the other day at Giant and I spent the whole day in the office searching for the recipe. Especially on the creamy gravy. There are so many style of making the gravy or even cook the salmons. I find it is hard to find one and what I'll do is google-ing the pictures. The nyummy it looks likes, the more convincing the recipe would be. Haha. Well, I manage to found one!

Settle on the salmon and gravy. Then thinking of having the vege. I once steamed the brocoli and it didn't turn like the one that been served in Chillies/Kenny's. My brocoli turns yellow and it taste like a rotten vege. Urgh..yucks! Searching again for the right way of making it crunchy yet cooked vege and I found the trick! I have to boiled first for only one or two minutes, put salt and quickly put into a cold ice water. 

You can found the recipe for Salmon and it's gravy here and tips to the brocoli here.

Pepper, Garlic, Parsley and Salt

Senang je sbenarnyer nk buat menu ni rupernyer. Salmon tu just taruk sme barang di atas, wrap dalam aluminum foil then bake in the oven. Next is the gravy, milk, whip cream, wheat flour, salt, parsley, chili flakes and pepper. The recipe that I refer to instruct to use garlic powder but I dont have any so I just add chopped garlic inside. Cooked in medium heat till it turns a bit thick.

Salmon before

..and after

Gravy in the making

Actually this meal is for buka puasa so Salmon and gravy seems not enough. So I fried some fries and boiled some vege. Rase2 macam sikit tapi bile da makan, ha..baru tau kenyang ke tak ;)

Meal for three is ready!

Curah itu gravy

Angah had her black pepper sauce she made before this and we kinda have two gravy that day. Lemon is a must and I found the taste more rich and refreshing after squeeze the juice out to the salmon and vege. Lepas ni da tak payah g makan luar la kalau nk makan Salmon kan. Haha.

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