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Friday, August 26, 2011


Alhamdulillah, we manage to catch my colleagues from my previous company and this time we breakfast at Senah's house. She is so sweet that she willingly (well, actually all of us make her) making the meal for us that day.

We bring Angah together and we arrived just in time for berbuka. As soon as I walk into the dining room, I saw plenty of food with satay and donuts. Gosh..she must be crazy cooking today. But not! Haha. Satay is the courtesy from Jaja and donuts from Lilin. Mek Tur and Kak Zarin bring empty stomach - good enough :P Ah..ktorg? Ktorg bwk betik and coke tau! Hahaha.So there's almost ten of us, including Hubby, Angah, Senah's Hubby, Lilin's driver and Jaja's nephew.

Let see which one is hers - tomyam, daging merah (yang tinggal pinggan sahaja) and sambal tempe

Ohh...its soooo nyummayh!!! Senah is again willingly (honest, this time she is willingly) to have an open house during Raya which is after October. Wait. That's not Raya open house. October da bukan Syawal. Hehe.

Trifle Oren nyum nyum!

So while eating the meal, Lilin asked me 'So Ain bile due?'. Surprised question from her after long time no see. Normally I have 'So Ain, pregnant ke?' or 'Ain bile lg?' but Lilin cuts all the question by asking when is my due date. Acting calmly as I assume she is joking for my 'slim figure' I said 'Tahun depan'

Then everyone is quite.

Senah stop eating.

Jaja's mouth dropped.

Kak Zarin eyes wide open and only one voice coming out 'HAH?! Ko pregnant???'

The voice is none other from loud Mek Tur.

She smack on my arm and as shocking as they are, I said 'Ehh..takkk..takkkk'

Everyone gives 'Aishhhhh....' and Lilin's turns blur.

..and now everyone is talking.

Senah thoughts after I answer Lilin's question, she's thinking I am pregnant and I dont want to tell her cause  I am afraid of making her sad.

Jaja on the other hand saying in her head 'Uih..pregnant tak bgtau. Ke aku je yg xtau'

Kak Zarin goes 'sampai hati tak bgtau ktorg'

Only Mek Tur blurt it out what pops to her mind. Haha. So many speculations for a few seconds.

..and everyone blame Lilin asking the question. Well to her defense, she heard from someone else that I am pregnant. Yeahh...right Lilin.

Haha..ohh..I love them all ^__^

Sending cards to our friends who studying abroad

ps: Aku aminkan ajaaa..

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