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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (part 3)

We started our day at 9am. Awal dah tu. Kalau ikut mata pkul doblas. Haha. We have to catch Universal Studio early cause the later we are, the lesser we can have fun at US. It's weekand and there must be millions of people coming during that day. But first, we go to the famous bench mark at Singapore - The Merlion.

Babai Outram Park

On our way to the MRT, we have been approached by strangers asking where is Merlion located and Hubby being so generous said 'You want to go to Merlion Park? Let's go together cause we are going there as well' Baik tak laki aku. Two of them was from Philippines and they seems like mother and son.

Forgot to ask their name

Tourist dlm MRT. Eheh.

Malaysia should implement this sign in our LRT kan?

So four of us went to the Merlion park from Outram Park MRT station and stop at Raffles Place. Along the way to see the Merlion, we found the Fullerton Heritage, Fullerton Waterboat House, Fullerton Hotel and so many other Fullerton thingy :P Basically it's located near the bay.

Doing his critical thinking


The Fullerton Bridge at the back

Btwy, you wont see Merlion from the station. It's just small and short statue, so to find the Merlion park, you have to walk towards the Marina bay and you'll see it there. I think the place would be amazing at night with the lights and view from the bay. Should have come here again during the night next time ;)

The strangers splits with us when we found the Merlion. We take our way to snap photo and go somewhere else. It's quite wet to be there actually because the wind was directing to our place and water from the Merlion spattered towards the bridge where people take the photo and the view of this Singapore National icon.

 The Merlion

..and there's us ;)

Later on we saw Starbucks not far from the place and decided to try their new flavour which are Strawberry Cream but the queue was too long and there's only two staff on the counter. So we decided to go straight to Universal Studio instead but along the way, we found another Starbucks. Man, Starbucks is everywhere - like every 100 meters. Haha. We decided to buy the Strawberry Cream and bought some breakfast. Ha'ah ek. Tak breakfast lagi since we wake up. But end up the Strawberry Cream pun da habes, terpaksa beli the ordinary Green Tea Cream. Lolz.

Tuna sandwich and choc muffin for breakfast

View from the Starbucks

We really take our own sweet time that morning. Lazy walk, easy breakfast with a nice scenery. Ahh..rse bersyukur :D Then after that, we heads to Universal Studio where we spent the rest of the day till night. We took the same MRT station we arrived and go to HarbourFront. From there we take a cabel car which cost us half of our hotel room price. Geezz..these people can make us broke. But anyhow, it was worth a time but Hubby said 'Cabel car kat Msia pun belum naik. Ni dah naik kat SG. Kemain kite ni' Haha. That makes both of us. The only cabel car that I went pun only yang kat Genting tu. 

Cabel car

It was a spectacular view from the top especially at night. The ferry, the boat, the building. Subhanallah.. Pulau Sentosa tu banyak tambun tanah je tapi there still more construction going on. Amazing gile.

See that construction. Tah ape die nk buat lagi

Hard Rock Hotel and there's our Universal Studio at the back (tak nampak pun)

Turun je cabel car, trus cari where the heck la US ni. Signboard tak de sesampainyer kami di situ. Menggagau jugak la tp at last jumpe jugak. Boleh tahan gak la nk menapak but the scenary towards the area can makes us stop every single step. Sume bende pon nk amek gambar sampai Hubby ckp 'Balik karang la. Nanti tak sempat lak nk pusing US tu' Adeh..kne sound so kne cepat. Tp menjawab jugak 'Balik kang nnt tak sempat'. Hehe.

Ha..sini pon ade jugak

Fountain along the way to Universal Studio from Cabel Car

Hubby bought the ticket online so we have to claim it at the counter downstairs at the parking place. Weird but convenient. Else it would be pack with people queuing for the ticket in front of the main entrance. We claim the ticket and been approached by the staff to redeem a free membership card where we could have discount when we want to play any of the additional charge inside Universal Studio. Plus we have a complementary kipas tangan and a pen inside a bag. Erm..ok la. Quite helpful with the kipas tangan sebab panas kan. This only applies to foreigner and not Singaporean. Heheh.

Counter to claim the online ticket

..and hello Universal Studio!

It so much fun inside it! Next post will be a long one with a lot of pictures!! Hopefully the final part ;)

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