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Friday, August 12, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (part 4)

Before we enter our ticket to Universal Studio, we could see the Universal Studio Globe outside. Apalagi, amek gambar laaa.. Thank God there are still not many people at the time we arrive. So bnyk snap/action we take with the globe (tp xleh post sume.kang korang muntah plak tgk bakat camwhoring ktorg :P) Kind of funny when the word Universal was turn to the other side and we both waiting for the right moment to get the exact word. Haha.

Cheers :)

The moment we enter Universal Studio, we've been welcomed by colorful lights (even it was daylight) and amazing building, or may I say props :P Hollywood is the main entrance after you slot in your ticket. We have been welcomed by the giant panda, Po. Oh Gosh, he's so adorable! Garrr!!!

Peace Yo!

Dreamworks area

Then, nampak plak Marilyn Monroe. There are few special characters along the way and they keep on coming but not all characters available all day. Macam Madagascar characters only appears at certain period of time. 

Yeah..trying to beat her...and fail miserably

Therefore, I become the Studio Guide representative.

They have like so called broadway-style area around this Hollywood park. So many merchandise around this area but we are not so interested to go in. The other park looks more interesting but we are in between of two choices, on our right is Sci-Fi City and our left is New York park.

Pop Corn anyone?

Pastu jumpe couple ni!

Merchandise store

The first few hours, Hubby hold the studio guide and lead me through the Universal Studio. Honestly, I didn't hear what exactly he talks about cause my eyes keeps looking the whole park. You could imagine my eyes was almost popped out and my mouth was widely open. Yes. Like that. So basically, he's actually do the decision which one goes first and we heads to New York park (Big SORRY love. Too excited over the place. Haha). So while writing this, if I am really cautious/awake at time, I would go to Madagascar first. New York and Madagascar? Are you kidding? Mesti la Alex and the gang! Haha.

Well, as we walk through the New York park, we come across to first attraction which is 'Lights, Camera, Action! by Steven Spielberg' We have no idea what it is all about but what the heck, masuk je. Tiket pon da bayar. Ngeh2. Unfortunately, no camera allowed.

It's actually a stage scene by the famous producer. It was a setting at the deck near the bay and there's a tv showing an anchor reporting a hurricane going to attack the area. We are told to stand in front of the deck and hold to the rail. The scene started with a rain pouring down, strong wind and thunderstorm. Then things get worst when the house started to crack, the boat rocking and fire comes out. We feel the heats from the burn and honestly there is a fire!

Things starts shaking and suddenly the house collapse making a splash to us and yes, we get wet but not soaked :P Then windows cracked and out of know where, there's a ship heading towards our standing rail. All of us steps a back afraid it hits us and everyone screams! But of course it's didn't come to hit us. Haha. Damn, it was so close and it is real!

It was 10 minutes show and it is so impressive. Had fun on the very first act :) Then out of the the studio, we came across a hat store and we had a try on their hats.

Wicked witch!

Ni lagi wicked! Haha!

Sep bek tokei die cool je

Oleh sebab itu, kt cube lagi satu. Hehe.

Internet doesn't do any mercy tonight. Till next post!  (Ok fine. Aku malas. Wek!)

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