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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (part 6)

Brape banyak part dah...peginyer dua hari je. Haha. Ok. Lets gets this done. Hollywood > New York > Sci-Fi City > Ancient Egypt. There's another three area to cover and lets hope I can finish about these three but....I dont think I can cause the last three was the awesomest place above all!! Banyak ni nak cite satu satu.

Let me start with The Lost World. They have Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer, WaterWorld, Dino-Soarin and Amber Rock Climb. We tried the first three items and the most fun place would the adventure lah!

We flash back to land before time

Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure

This is a river ride and we have been warned that we will get soaked during the ride. And we also been warned that the waiting time is more that 45 minutes. Ahh...another queue. Oh by the way, you can skip the long queue by paying express pass which cost more $ tapi mestilah kami tak nak. Hahaha.

Look at these people!

Some of interesting facts on the wall

Map of the adventure park in the Jurassic

This is the longest queue we ever take during the time in USS and luckily the thrill on the raft is fun to ride which can be count as worth the waiting. There's a yellow raft that can fit up to nine person and we've been told to hold to the hand holder through out the journey. 

Warning sign after one another

Rain coat to survive the adventure

Ready with the survival gear

It was a easy ride for the first minutes  but no so long after that there's a few warning sign that we will be so-called attacked by the dinosour. There's several hard stream flowing over making the raft moved faster. We slowly get wet and enter a dark tunnel. Through out the tunnel and the whole raft adventure, they show several types of dinosours. Macam lalu area semak2 camtu la kononnyer. 

Muke hype dalam raft

Suddenly the raft stops at the end of the dark tunnel and after few seconds, the wall opened. We've been pushed by the high current to plunge down the stream which makes all of us in the raft soaked. But luckily we wear 'survival gear' and comes out safely. Haha. There's some people who didnt buy the rain coat and pity them, they are all wet! Tak pepasal kne berjemur kejap. Haha.

Canopy Flyer

I saw another roller coaster in the Jurassic Park but I could see macam slow je and most of the riders are kids. Hubby ajak lagi tp I think ok lah sebab macam slow and seems like no one screams macam roller coaster dekat Sci-Fi City tu. Makanya pergilah kami beratur skali lg tp yang ni ade la 30 minutes queue.

I'm trying to show the queue but somehow that guys stands out above all. 
He's the tallest in the line though.

Ready ;)

..and you know what, I did scream and it is not as slow as it looks like. Laju jugak laaa...tp slower that the first roller coaster yg ktorg try earlier. They called this 'prehistoric bird's eye view'. My ass. I just shut my eyes 70% if the ride and I dont remember what I saw during the ride other that the fear of the speed.

I think I tried my best not to scream here

I dont hear anyone scream thus makes my mouth shut and just screams inside. Orang sbelah sronok tgk aku tersiksa. Tp xpe. Takdelah scary macam yg awal tu tp still lah.


They have some show here scheduled after few hours and we manage to catch the scene. It's an awesome stunts taken from the WaterWorld movie. They have props in somekind of pool with jetski and metals everywhere.

Lari-lari pun sempat snap


We were rush going the place and straight away sitting in front. Suddenly I realize the seats states 'Soak Zone' and the next is 'Wet Zone'. Quickly I grab Hubby and move to upper seat. Ceh..patutlah ramai duk blakang. They have these stunts on jet ski and they doing a sharp turn and makes the audience on the zone that I saw earlier showered with the splash. Haha. Lucky us this time!


There's gunshots and explosion through out the entire show. People are jumping and dive into the water. Not to mention splashing the audience :P It was great!

Dino-soarin and Amber Rock Climb

We haven't tried these two. Why? Dino-soarin is for 12 years and below. Amber Rock Climb need extra $ to enter. Clear reasons. Haha.

Abeh dah Jurassic Park

The next park in the line is none other Far Far Away. Ahhh...all girls dream lies here. The fairy, the magical wonders, the colorful outfits and dress. Ahhhhh.....

See the castle?? 

I am running towards the castle when Hubby snaps the above picture. Ok. I'll let you picture who is the child and parent at this moment. The place are so mesmerizing! Macam dalam Disney or Barbie cartoon. Arrr.....everything is so cute!!! Not so long after free from parental guidance, Hubby quickly grab by hands to be calm and told me to act like my real age. Ok Ain. Control yourself.  


Look at that!!

Argh...too many things to tell here. We did Shrek 4D and meet the Donkey doing live show. Till next post! Told ya, I dont think I can finish all of them in one post! Ni kire satu setengah la kan? Hehe.

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