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Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (part 2)

We stayed at Hotel 81 Osaka, 5 minutes walking from Outram Park MRT station. Kalau tgk dr luar macam Rumah Penginapan Ah Seng je. Haha. It was a basic room, queen bed, toilet and shower room, water heater, two mugs, hair dryer and two packet of coffee. Jadilah. Nk tdo jer. We dont take any pictures inside the room cause we are too tired to think of taking any pictures by the time we reach there.

Stayed a night here

If you are in a budget, you can stay in a dorm that cost around SGD10 but Hubby don't want both us sleeps separately (aww..how sweet tp berganda2 la plak kn nk byr bilik ni haih). Tp I feel glad that we choose to have this hotel. Feel very free you know. Nk terbungkang ikut suke pun xpe. Haha. Checked in around 4pm, clean up our self, solat and take a nap. Penat woo jalan jauh. 

We planned to go to Night Safari but Hubby found it is too far to go there unless we take cab/bus. He planned to ask if the hotel provide some tour or at least can bring us there but unfortunately the hotel doesn't provide such service. So we go to our plan B.

After maghrib, we continue our journey by heading to Kampong Glam for our dinner. Took MRT from our place to Bugis station. Well, it's the only place that we could think of that is having a halal restaurant. Hubby manage to found Mamak restaurant and we had our dinner there. Sampai kat area ni baru jumpe ramai Melayu. Kalau tempat lain, mostly Chinese conquer the place and kalau ktorg lapar sangat, either roti or jajan la yang jdi mangsa.

Dinner place

We actually eyeing for the Deer murtabak from it's banner but by the time we arrive, they already finished their stock for the day. Aihh..but it's okay we still ordered the murtabak anyway. It's cooked with Olive oil and it's not oily at all! Rase healthy jap makan murtabak. Hehe. They have crispy layer of dough with generous filling inside and comes with small and large size murtabak but small size is already enough for two of us. 

The catchy banner

Nasi beriyani lamb shank (I dont get why they give that cucumber with chili sauce there. Yucks)

Lamb yang sangat lembut

I ordered mee goreng but tak sedap sangat..

..maybe because I eat this too much :P

The restaurant was located in front of Sultan Mosque. We snap few photos and start to find next place which is Malay Heritage Center. We just walk towards the place and found out that the place is under maintenance until 2012. What a bugger. 

Admiring Sultan Mosque

Under maintenance

Bertafakur jelah. Ape bleh buat da tutup.

We kinda lost our time cause we finished dinner almost 10pm and most of the shops around the area already closed. The only place that are still open was pub and restaurant. We walk towards Baghdad streets and by the name itself, they have a lot of pub with this Moroccan/Arabian concept and shisha. No table or sparkling lights. Just a carpet, drinks, shisha, and dimmed light. Quite cozy. But we dont have much time cause we are going to Chinatown for Budha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. 

Figuring where's the correct place

Walking is really time consuming. I think we burn all calories we had that night by walking around that area. Quite far and we both started to feel macam mat saleh jalan2 bandar kan, kemain lg bersungguh pusing2 kawasan Cina. Haha. Sempat la go through Chinese food court kan :P


Food centre - Kedai makan pun nk tutup dah

And it's not suprising at all that the museum also closed. Tak kesahlah, at least have picture with it. Haha. 

The museum



Sape terer tolong interprate ;) Look at the craft. Woow jap.

Dangling deco

It's almost midnight and we think that we should get back to our hotel. To add our night's more tiring, we decided to walk again to our hotel cause it's just less than a km and not suprising again, 100m feels like 100km. Duhh...penat. Not that there's no cab but we both are cheapskate. Haha! 

Last picture of the day with our souvenir in the plastic bag

The country is safe I must say but being raised with army dad and police clerk mom, I always keep myself aware of the surrounding. Just in case we need to run or shout for help ;)

Nothing much on the first day but the next day would be awesome! Universal Studio yo!

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