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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amazing Race - Singapore (part 5)

Next on the line is Sci-Fi City and the main thing I remember is the roller coaster. They have two types actually which are blue and red track. Both roller coaster been named Battlestar Galactica where the blue track called Cyclon and the red called Human. We tried the red one where it is a seated coaster. Both of us never had an experience to a roller coaster and pretty excited over this.

As the name tells it

The Human

The red and blue crossing each other

I never thought roller coaster will scares the hell of me. I was screaming all the way and everytime I try to be brave by opening my eyes, I would scream all over again. I notice Hubby was laughing and yet he hardly screams. Hello?! Tak takut ke??!! I kept thinking the seat cannot hold me and I dont have enough faith on the roller coaster. The speed. The hanging and turning up side down. 

This is the sit-down coaster. The one that nearly kills me.

Gosh..and yes, I did cried a bit. Called me a chicken or whatever, I swear that would be my first and last. What was I thinking before taking this ride? Bah! Not fun! Not fun! But Hubby thinks otherwise and kept begging me to ride on Cyclon. Of course the answer is No. Big NO! Some more it is inverted roller coaster. Oh Lord..why people would consider this entertainment. I can't accept the thrill that most people call but I am surprised that I didn't puke or having dizziness what so ever. Maybe the fear kills it all. Haha.

Oh...and they have another attractions called Accelerator. Name gempak kan? Tp xde la hype sangat pun. It's for kids. Haha. Macam cawan pusing2 tu. Skejap beno and tak de la laju sangat der. Just a twirl from slow to fast. This one can make you dizzy but not us (bragging) Hehe.  


Nagging for Hubby to stop taking pictures as the thing is twirling :P

Well, the accelerator was the first thing we tried and the roller coaster was the next thing we done but of course I only remember roller coaster. Haha. Oh..they sells picture when we tortured ourselves on roller coaster but the price is unacceptable and my face was horribly screaming my hearts out. Gile.

Next park is Ancient Egypt and another roller coaster but this time it's indoor roller coaster. Urgh...again?! Mestilah tak. Haha. Then we saw another attractions called Treasure Hunter. Change role and be a children for a while (padahal xtau its for kids) The queue was super long but since both of us have no idea (plus didnt read the studio guide properly as it's clearly state 'Children..') what is was, so we join the people queuing for almost 45 minutes. Can't believe we take it so long just to have this.


Tak amek plak gmbr the real jeep but it looks like this tho

muke kene happy naik jeep ni

It is just 3 minutes ride and I would say this is the most stupid thing we ever tried on USS. Spent so much time queuing for nothing. Haih... layankan jeler but kids most probably enjoy this. Probably..


Wah! Hippo!

Look! Moving Herring!



Ala..da habes...

Ok. I am exaggerating on the caption above - just to make 45 minutes waiting worth. Haha. What else yer they have it here. Hmm.. oh. The food! Junkfood is anywhere (chips, popcorn, coke, etc) but real food could have it in some of the cafe provided. Price quite acceptable. We had our lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe in the Engypt area as it's the only place with Halal advert. They have this Egyptian-themed buffeteria and we had our nasi briyani with syrup and teh tarik. 

No food picture as we both so hungry. Hehe

Kat Egypt neh

Ha..kan ade pharaoh thomb tu

Sparuh je. Sparuh badan lg tenggelam ngn pasir.

Ha...kat dalam ni la ade roller coaster tu. Eee...takot!

Nothing much at this area but I forgot to tell you that each area have their own background songs. So kalau kat Hollywood and New York tu ade lagu catchy2, kat Egypt ade lagu Egyptian songs lah. Boleh nari2 arab gitu. Hehe. 

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