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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Royal Wedding - Part 2

I am still on the wedding mood. So lets not waste all the pictures that I take okay.

They continue the sermons on their knees

Not sure if this is a song or a pray but they sing :)

Sir Elton John and partner spotted!

Guest Hat 5..and more heads :P

Guest Hat 6

Choir by Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey: View 4

One of the Abbey's dedicated choir boys

and the ceremony continues

Guest Hat 7

Westminster Abbey: View 5

On their knees again but this time more front than earlier

 Westminster Abbey: View 6

 Westminster Abbey: View 7

Off the newly weds go to the private room for signing the papers


Another children of the chapel

 Not sure which on is the boy choristers and which is the pro but the attire is different

 Another cutie :P

 Guests been entertain with another song while waiting them

Westminster Abbey: View 8

Westminster Abbey: View 8

Westminster Abbey: View 9

Hot Musicians

I think they have more than 5 songs that they played in the church and it took more than one hour including the sermons by the priest. I hardly knows any of those and I am sure they provide the lyric in the sheet that the church provide to the guests.

To be continued and I hope it will be the last. Theeheheh...

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