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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Double date

We have our dinner at Fiza's crib the other day and surprisingly it was on weekdays. Well, it was an adhoc plan where I plan to send her the cocktails but something always came up. In return she wants to give me her apam polka-dot. Pok-pet pok-pet so she ask us to have dinner at her house.

Hubby already met Fiza before we get married and he met her husband, Din during her wedding last time, so they kinda know each other. The plan suppose to have another couple but she had emergency going on, left only four of us.

Slalu balik office je jd lemau tp dinner rumah orang nyer pasal jd smangat. We bring Ma's ayam perap (there's a lot of it from Along's barbecue) to add for our lauk.

Breath taking view from her apartment.

Reached at her cribs around 8.30PM and the Men do their stuff (rancak borak xtau la pasal ape.lolz) while me and Fiza starts cooking (ktorg lg rancak la borak sbb half hour later baru bleh mkn padahal die da siap masak ptg lg. Just nk goreng ayam je. Er..wonder jugak nape lame. Hehe). I have no stuff to do the cocktail, so I cook her bubur jagung instead.

Jagung dari rumah Along

Bubur jagung

Gula Melaka tak de. Daun pandan tak de. So ape yang ade jelah. Tu pun ade santan kotak courtesy Fiza. Haha. She cooked Sambal Udang and Kangkung Goreng. Oh..ade cencalok ok! Tak sempat take pictures sebab lapar sangat. Haha.

Her second trial on apam polka-dot

 Ade kaya - idea Dyan the cake/muffin master :)
Starter je xde tau. Klu x da complete set ngn desert sampai 2 kau. Ice cream siap. It's been quite a while since we met, so there's a lot of catch up going. We went home around 11PM and balik trus bing! tdo. Thank you Fiza and Din for the being a great host!

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