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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fruit cocktail

I almost give up making this one. I tried to 3 times before it comes to perfection - the pudding. I have no troubles doing the milky gravy but big problem is the pudding. I googled and found several hits of 'Puding Koktel' but most of it have grams measures. I dont have any food measurement so what I did was by guessing. Haha. Tau tau la klu da men teka-teka ni.

Kuning melampau

My pudding turns out lembik and tak cantik. Err..dan tak sedap jugak. Ayah came to my house for his work and asking about my fruit cocktail. He wanted to try and so I gave it to him. He didnt say anything but finish the whole bowl. I assume ok la kot sebab by gravy just nice and it can trick the taste of that pudding. Hehe.

Hancur. Huduh.

The next day, Uda came and I make him eat the desert. I make it quite plenty. So I have no one else to force. Hubby being mean saying 'Jangan...jangan...tak sedappp' with muke nyesal2 gitu. He get caught and say it out loud 'Donttt'. Drama tau laki aku. Uda asked 'first time ke' and I said 'ya laaa..acceptable la ni ok'. Turns out he said 'Hmm..beyond expectation la ni klu first time. Boleh trima'

See B, not that bad okay!

The first time I tried is putting the fruit cocktail under the pudding. Then bile potong tu jadi hancurlah hai. Tired with Google, I called Mak Ndak for the recipe. But Mak Ndak's Puding Koktel tak campur the fruits inside the pudding. She mixed the fruits with the gravy. So she gave me this:


1 paket besar agar-agar strip (37.5g)
9 cawan air
1 cawan susu cair
Gula (depends how sweet you want. I used 1 table spoon je sbb nnt kuah tu manis so mcm balance out)
2 sudu besar tepung jagung
2 sudu besar tepung kastard
1 penutup Vanila essence

Air gula (depends jugak nk manis mcm mne)
1 tin susu cair
1 tin fruit cocktail (amek buah je. air xmo)
1 sudu besar tepung jagung
1 sudu besar tepung kastard
1 penutup Vanila essence

Main ingredients
Cara buat puding

1. Rebus air dengan agar-agar sampai takde sampah2 agar-agar tu. Gune strip ni susah sikit sbb nk tunggu die cair tu lame. My sis said die prefer gune serbuk but how the hell did I know lah kan ade serbuk. Haha. No-ob sangat aku ni.

2. Tambah gula secukup rasa

3. Masukkan susu cair

4. Bancuh tepung jagung and tepung kastard separately in different cawan. Purpose to make sure that it is mixed very well. I learn that do not put air panas sebab nanti jadi ketul-ketul. Mak Ndak said tepung jagung tu preferable sebab nk kasik rase lemak2 sikit. Dah campur baru masuk dalam periuk

5.  Lastly put the vanila essence. Purpose to eliminate the smell of castard.

6. Kacau sampai sebati.

7. Tips gune agar-agar strip ni, bile nk taruk dalam tupperware tu, kene tapis dulu. Sebab kita tak realize maybe ade lg strip yg tak hancur. So bile tapis tu jadi la cantik puding anda.

8. Sejukkan.

Pucat sikit gambar ni

Cara buat kuah

1. Campurkan air gula dengan susu cair

2. Masukkan fruit cocktail.

3. Again, same macam puding bancuh tepung kastard ngn tepung jagung dan masukkan dalam periuk.

4. Masukkan vanila essence dan sejukkan.

 The gravy and fruit cocktail

I didnt take any pictures during the whole process. Too focus babes. Haha. I bring this to my SIL barbecue last night and everyone loves it. Ouh..sangat happy bile tgh SIL makan bertambah-tambah :) Hubby pun cakap sedap.

I just tried this morning and love it!

Lepas ni nak buat puding jagung plak. It is fun to tried it once a while but I almost swear that if the third time doesnt turns out well, I will stop. Gile cepat mengalah. Haha. Bile da jadi ni mcm lg semangat la plak kan nk try yg lain plak :)


Anonymous said...

haha..byk btol psl mknn ek..kui3

The wife said...

mne deeeee :P