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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Royal Wedding - Part 1

I know it's kinda late but who cares? E! still talks about it. Did you watch THE royal wedding? I did! Since it was unemployed week so I have no trouble watching it from starts. It has been scheduled to start on air at 3PM NTV7 and 4PM at E! But the real wedding actually starts at 6PM. The first two hours is just the whole scene of audience and the people. I watched NTV7 instead on E! or TLC cause NTV7 way faster then both.

Love the wedding dress! but to be honest too simple for a royal wedding. I mean, come on. There must be one extravagant about the wedding. Kate was being too safe. At least make a bun on your hair dear. No one ever sees that yet. My friend quite disappointed about the hair. Ah..well, something impressive that she did her own make up but then again, no surprise.

I take A LOT of pictures while watching it cause I tweet at the same time. Hubby wasn't home so I was alone and to keep me alive is talking to my friends (who is unfortunately have to work/no FAST streaming in their office) in twitter :)

The prince finally come out with Bentley

on his way - 1

on his way - 2: look at the spacious place for his road to the church

Arrived with his best man and the hat is in place

Hats off - greeting the pastor and guest

Next is the Royal guests - Spotted Sultan Brunei's and his Queen

Then is the Royal family members

Lastly THE bride and her escorts

Lovely maid of honor, brides maid and the page boys

Look at the crowd!

Church of England - Westminster Abbot: View 1

In hand with her father

Walking the aisle

Beauty comes from the mother :)

Arrived next to his Prince :)

Westminster Abbot: View 

Westminster Abbot: View 3

Prince of Wales and The Queen

The bride and groom 

Guest Hat 1


 Guest hat 2

Guest hat 3

 Guest hat 4

 Camilia and Prince Charles

Service starts

 Hands together

 Prince William take the vow - look at their hands

 Kate now taking the vow - see the hand difference?

See it now? 

The summons

 Wedding ring - weird cause it seems hard to go in

and finally reach to the right place :)



One of the urm..

I told you there's a lot, so to be continued :P

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