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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fashion Valet

Honestly, I didnt influence Hubby to check the site. I swear! The only thing that connects him and the online shopping site was Vivy's blog where I shared with him her post on Muslimah and fashion. He found the site at her blog and without my knowledge he browse through all the stuff and even pick some of it that he found suits to me. Tetibe rse mcm tgh men dolls jap. Haha.

The packaging

We kinda go though and browse the catalog for hours! Too many choices and I think if I'm fashionista enough, I would choose more that what I pick today ;) Anyhow, he manage to buy me one of the cloth and FV responds it very quickly! I must say the have a very fast service.

M for mine! haha.

I need to do a lot of adjustment to this cloth. Thinking of changing it to another since we can exchange item within 7 days as long the tag is not been removed. But I have plans *winking*

Vivy, I am looking forward for more items in your kedai ok?! :)

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