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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tap Water - Clean Water?

Since we moved into the house, first thing we notice is how bad the water filter outside the house is. It is bad, BAD. I know you can't imagine it. Photo below show relatively how bad it is. Actually a lot worse than that.

"Dah lame ni kot", that's what we thought at first because the water comes out from the tap seems clean.

Then later we changed to a new filter. Guess what, that picture is exactly what we get in less than 3 months of usage. Does it look clean?

It struck me! I can't imagine the quality of water that we get in this country. We pay some hefty money for the water, we pay a lot more for taxes but do we get that in return? Come on, that's the most basic things for day to day life.

Do we expect to rely on bottled water? Water vending machine? Premium water filter that cost thousands?

Bottled water perhaps not the right solution. I believe the same goes to the rest. We really need a clean tap water.

Sadly, seems like nobody cares about the tap water. Are you satisfied?

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