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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Royal Wedding - Part 3

Last dah! Hubby said this is not important and I shouldnt make it any longer. Lolz
Done on the private room and ready to go to the Buckingham Palace

Walking out from the church

Most awaited events - waving from the carriage

Powerful lenses for great photos 

Prince William ready with his hat and gloves before riding

Kate going inside

More carriage for the bridesmaid, the best man, and royal family

 Smile and waves to the people

Secured yet lively atmosphere

Going through

Bleh plak kuda tu nak main2 kan :P

Showing respects

Arrived at Buckingham Palace
Going out for the reception

The band of Coldstream Guards

People starts to move for the famous balcony in the world

Look at the crowds!

THE balcony

Now they finally here

The crowds starts screaming 'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!'

and so they did :)

Family members

Family members

They watch the plane show for few minutes

Spend quite some time there

and it's time to say good bye

Most of the people was either wake up so early in the morning or hasn't sleep for this day

off they go as happily married couple :)

Yea..yea..hubby said they are not related but I love wedding and the most important thing is it is Royal Wedding! Malaysia ade buat coverage mcm ni? tak doooo! Haha. Did you know that they didn't kiss right after they are pronounce as husband and wife? This is because the church in England forbids 'You may kiss the bride' thingy - some sort of Hollywood stuff (source here)

Oh..you may google for much more interesting facts about the wedding from here and here.

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