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Friday, May 27, 2011

Gym - first experience

It was supposed to be every Friday plan,however something always came up (or should I say lupe?) whenever I want to go there. Thankfully last week, I manage to make myself (more to force myself) to spend some time while waiting for Hubby to pick me up. The plan was to go there with Shima but she have to balik kampung that evening so leaving me alone (this mark as another reason that day for me not going there) So malas la wey when you left active life long ago. But this time, why not? It's free! Haha

Some of the equipment

I didnt know they provide almost everything for the staff and it was funny when I wrote on my notes that the gym was located at the floor that is not even listed in the button lift. Lolz. I quickly call Shima and told me the correct floor. After so much laziness reason and occurence happen, I finally managed to check in and I keep having this conversation to myself like 'Waa...' 'Oooo..ade ni' 'Eh ni pun ade'. I have to slap myself to ensure that I didnt do the jakun look :P


They have sauna, swimming pool, snooker, dance studio but my focus that day was gym which mainly elliptical machine. But when I reached there, every equipment that I know how to use was all occupied! Garr... Nak lift berat2 tu xreti la plak kan. Lagipun bukannyer nk bina muscle. Then, I saw an exercise ball and start bouncing myself while waiting my turn. It's not even 5 minutes and there's someone get off from the treadmill. Dengan lajunyer (tp cool) walking ahead to that empty treadmill and start using it.

Treadmill monitor

As a first timer, the first thing come to my mind when I see the monitor was 'Mak aih..bnyknyer butang. Mane 1 nak tekan ni'. Calmly (kononnyer) I press one of the button that I assume normal/auto and it starts moving. Aahh.. camtu ke. Then I start discover other buttons/functions and speed up my walking pace. I glance at the next person's monitor and saw her speed was 10. Oh...tak leh jadi. I should try. I increase the speed up to 7.1 and realize I just cant. hahahah! That's the fastest I could run and keep on maintaining the speed. Soon I realize the girl only have the 10 speed for about a minute and then slowly decrease and stop. Ceh. wat penat je rase challenged.

Elliptical machine

I run for almost 10minutes and the elliptical machine next to me was empty. Thinking of changing the machine but seronok la plak lari ni. Ohh..jakunnyer. Tak pe. Next time naik machine tu plak. I have my time later on. I continue running and after half hour Hubby called and he said if I need more time but I think I have enough. I realized after 20minutes on the treadmill, it automatically changed my speed to 4.1 and keep on decreasing. I was wondering why but I changed it again to 6.3.

Later on after 30 minutes something, I stop the machine and get off it. Upon stepping out from the treadmill and starts walking, I feel like myself have this fast speed but I just slowly walking out from the gym room. Rase macam tengah lari. It was so uncomfortable feeling and somehow I hate it.Then, I realized - Patutlah the speed automatically changed kan. It was set to reduce the speed after 20 minutes for you to slowly have your normal speed when you stop running. Why did anyone would tell me this?! Haha.

Anyhow, it was a good exercise but I must say I prefer running outside the gym. Gym was a good option when you dont have time to go to the park and it was the nearest place to go. At least I prefer having a fresh air rather than air conditioning with the almost-smelly people's sweat :P

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