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Monday, June 6, 2011

Car wash

To pay RM10 per service is such an expensive thing if you have a lot of other stuff that you can buy with RM10. Plus, even more reason not to wash it if you don;t have covered parking. Even much more, when you just use your car during weekends. Okay. I'm talking about myself.

Mr. Saga from distance (yang tak brape nampak kotor)

This is the longest period since we wash our car. It has been very..urm...dirty. Mayat2 kelkatu is everywhere. Hujan, panas, ribut, angin. Kesian Mr.Saga. We went back to Besut last weekend and take a deep look to Mr. Saga. 'We should mandi him' said Hubby.

Close up no.1

Close up no2 (ok..xnmpk gross lg xtau lah)

Close up no3 (MY EYESS!! MY EYESS!!)

We feel so bad to Mr.Saga and felt such a betrayer since we move to Mr.Motor. So we showered him that Friday evening with Abah's high pressure water pump. It took Hubby almost one hour to clean him up. Cuci kat luar jelah. Dalam macam bersih lg (ehm..denial disini)

Thank you Abah!!

work in progress

Click to enlarge (bersih woooo)

Kilat tak? kilat tak?

Mr.Saga yang dah hensem

Seronok dapat basuh Mr.Saga. Thank you Hubby basuh kete. Rajin dieeee ^__^ Bergaya kejap Mr.Saga selama duk kat Besut. Tahan la his shining for few days. Balik KL je da kotor balik. Aduhhh...

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