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Friday, June 15, 2012

Antenatal Class and Jamu

A good thing of having a specialist doctor is to be able to ask anything that you enquire which includes stupid questions :P but no such thing as stupid question, right?

I asked Dr  Seri about these two and she had given me piece of advice that myself and Hubs agreed with. It is not necessary and both is one of the things that business people could make money of.

Antenatal Class

If you are a structured person and feel there's a need of knowing everything and what to expect during delivery, go for the antenatal class. Dr Seri mention, even during labor time, she'll explain what are the options and suggestion that she could offer which includes the all guidance during my labor time. I found myself more to go-with-flow kind of person, thus I don't think this is one of the must do item in my list. On top of the note, nothing wrong about learning and gaining knowledge.

Jamu & Set Berpantang

Dr Seri advised that as long I take care of my food intake, ensure that myself getting all the nutrients that I need - without over consume, that all already enough. Everything that mother eats will goes to the baby as well. She mention that some study proves that Jamu intake is not safe for babies. She also not agree with the old folks who control all food during our pantang days. 

Talked to Umie about this and she understand her as she's speaking in medical point of view. On the other side, old folks is talking based on their experience which Umie also agreed to. Therefore, it's all back to me which way I want to choose but I definitely won't consume any Jamu from Nona Roguy/Mak Dara/Sendayu Tinggi etc ;)

In the end, it's all about choices. Do what you feel confidence and secure about. Don't over think and makes use of all the knowledge that you could have. To justify is just a reason for doing so but I am sure all of us are wise enough to decide what's best for us and our baby :) 

I rest my case. How about yours?

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