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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 30

Bersiaran dari PCMC sebab menunggu test MGTT.

I'm having MGTT this time around due to the shocking weight increase on previous check up. I gained 5kg on 25 weeks check up! Thanks to all kenduri and one week holiday. Haha.

I fast since 10PM last night till this morning check up, 9AM. Get my urine tested, which is normal every check up and get my blood samples before drinking a cup of glucose. It was full mug of air gula okay! Eargh.. I almost chocked when I had the first drink. Haha.

Then I have to wait for 2 hours before taking another blood samples. In between, I could only drink plain water. Lapar la hai nak tunggu 2 jam ni. Perut da berkeroncong kemain.

I hope my result is normal.

Anyway, alhamdulillah, this time around my BP was the lowest BP I had (Note: I had high BP during pregnancy) and my weight gain is back to normal - 1.5kg compared to last check up. So glad that my health is in a good condition.

Scheduled to meet Dr Seri at 11AM. So I rest my case for now. Will write more afterwards.



orggilacinta said...

5 kilo ain? in total dr awal pregnant ke atau from last checkup?

The wife said...

5kg dr last check up. Total 11kg dgn jayanyer. hahaa