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Monday, June 11, 2012

Clearing baby checklist

Shopping baby stuff is so much fun! and I amazingly finish 90% from my checklist within one day. It was so tiring that my feet cramps (and swolen of course) but I was just too enthusias that day to buy all the baby suff.

It's all started when Along called on Friday night that there was Mothercare sales. She just went back from Bangsar Centre which they have bigger outlet and much variety compared to Midvalley and KLCC. Members get 10% discount on top of discounted item. Uuu.. I already tempted when I heard the sales but getting on top of the discount?? Win!

Sale! Sale!

Sign up for membership. 

At first we were thinking of borrowing Along's membership card but we screwed our plan to wake up early in the morning. It's weekend and people normally rush in during lunch time. So we didn't manage to go to Alongs for her card but instead getting the card ourselves (cause we bought the carseat). No fees but just spent RM600 within 3 months and you are eligible for the card :) which serves us to get the on top of the discount. Happy buyer I am :)

Surveying the price before this kind of sales really helps us know how much we could save. We bought Halford Zeus Plus car seats and few items that we found is a good bargain. Love the services when they actually take the car seat to our car to test weather it fits to the seatbelt cause when we went to BBstore, the sales person said with confidence that the same model doesn't fit Saga and they actually tested it.

So when we went to Mothercare, we asked the same question to them and they willingly to take it to our case and see for ourselves. Guess what? It fits nicely tau!

Muat front and back facing okay!

Marah betul sama itu BBstore tapi we still go back to them cause the stroller is cheaper at BBstore compared other places. We choose MacLaren Techno XLR in coffee blue color! Love it! Tapi tak love BBstore punyer service sebab Hubs have to carry the stroller by himself. Not that there's no male salesperson. They don't even offer and just look at us bringing down the stroller. Dah la kne turun tangga tau. Not sure how other BBstore outlet service but kurang gemar service BBstore di Kuchai Lama.

Ours is still in the box. Will post real pic with the baby inside :))

Dan marah jugak sebab they had a sale which they didn't post in online! We found out they sold Halford Zeus Plus with the lowest price I've ever seen. Tapi takpe. I prefer to pay more rather have this crappy service. Grrr.

myBBstore sale

What else?

We went to PWTC Mommy and Baby Fair but nahhh.. no fun. Nothing much to buy. Exhibitors pon tak ramai but we did bought some items such Anakku cloths and Bebe breast pad. Itu je.

Then went to Jusco for shopping the whole checklist. Menggila sebentar dekat baby area. So cheap!!! Lain kali tak payah tunggu expo ke fair ke kalau setakat nak beli baju, sabun, and other small little things for your baby. Jusco, Tesco or Giant would do lah.

Went home almost midnight and straight away looking for bed. Sumpah penat gile. Haha.

The next day, I did some clean up and unpack all the stuff in the cupboard. Ohh..the baby board!! I'll write about it later. We manage to get my dream baby almari! Yey :)) All the baby items is ready in the right place.


Baju dah basuh!!

It's less than 10 weeks before due and I must say that we almost complete the checklist - pat myself and Hubs on the shoulder. Things left are preparing baby's and mommy's bag for the delivery day. An advice from a friend is that daddy's bag is also necessary sebabnya barang mommy mostly covered by hospital - cloth's, maternity pad etc. Si daddy kan teman mommy, makanya kene banyak barang daddy la nk pakai kat hospital. Haha. Ok. Family bag la kirenye :P

Ohh...I almost forgot - baby's name!! The name must be meaningful, short and simple. Both Hubs and I don't fancy long and complicated names. Gotta look for google and start getting the list. Till later!!


peah @ peps said...

ain..penuh je ampaian tu...:)

Aan Andes said...

Wahhh gila kan dekat mothercare tu? Especially their clothing line. It's a bit expensive though but after sale, boleh la hehe.

Anyway I have a pile of sleepwear and rompers for u. Will try to sort out this weekend.

So excited reading you are excited hehe.

And halford zeus is so nice! Mclaren tu pun nice!