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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letting his inner child out

Wake up at 5am and start doing chores is kind of amazing during these days (or any other day :P). I scrubs my toilets, doing laundry, clear up my full basket of cloths and making breakfast. I felt super women already. Haha.

It's all because we will have a long day for carnival, aqiqah and wedding to attend. FYI, I don't have any property in my life. No cars. No house. No big investment. Nada! Thus explains the property carnival that we had that morning - just to start getting the feel of buying a house. Cewah.

But that's not the main story.

It was Hubs and his playful time. There was this one corner of the place where they provide free sand art sticker and Hubs was eyeing on this after we walked out from the showroom. I taught he's just being funny when he choose one of the sticker and asked me which one that I want, if I wanted to play the art as well. Of course I said no. This meant for kids or at least do-it-with-your-kids kind of things.

He said he always wanted to do this since he know about it but it's kind of wasted when he knows he had to pay. Since this is one of the opportunity that he don't want to miss, he start taking angry birds and choosing the color sands.

I think he had a time of his life. Hehe.

After finishing his last colored sands, there was this photographer asking Hubs if he want to take pictures for Father's day - with our kid(s). He laughed and point his finger to my belly. The photographer was laughing and said 'Oh sorry..I thought you already have one' - probably assuming he's doing the sand art sticker for our kid.

Betul jugak ape, untuk anak tp x keluar lagi :P

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