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Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 30 - part 2

Since my MGTT was done at 9.30AM, I have to wait till 11.30AM before taking another blood samples and meet Dr Seri. This time, the nurse just took about 2ml blood samples compare to the first time it was taken. Not long after, we met Dr Seri for the check up and told us about the MGTT results.

Unfortunately the lab hasn't come back with the result, except she just know (through her monitor) that my Iron result is below normal. She didn't prescribed any additional meds for me since the current vitamins that she normally prescribed for me is enough. 

As for the rest of result, she said I just have to wait for a call, in case of my result turns out not good, but so far I didn't receive any. Ok la tu agaknyer :) I asked her what if I have problems with my MGTT and she explains that she have to send me for a nutritions class, kene sekolah pasal sugar, fats ant what not. Some sort of awareness class I must say. 

Then, as usual, baby scan time!! The baby was shy and was facing back from us. The heart beat also slower compared to our last check up - which means it is good because it is normal to have a such high heart rate (my baby was 170bpm) during early pregnancy and getting slower towards delivery (this time is 150bpm). It should be 110/120bpm when the child birth. Hmm.. new facts for both of us.

The growth is in average baby. Hopefully maintain till due time :) Don't have the clear picture of our baby during this check up but I have (almost) clear picture of the baby during 25 weeks check up. 

Notice the eyes and the arms?

We already know the gender at times I did check up when Hubs at Jakarta. No shy at all showing the part. Hubs wasn't convince enough when I called him at that time and mentioning don't be too confident about the gender. I did told him it was so crystal clear that the baby was crouching when Dr Seri doing the scan. He didn't believe me, until he saw himself on the next check up. No doubt at all! Tapi kuasa Tuhan kita tak tau kan but with all the limited knowledge that we have, we could know what to expect.

Next check up is due in less than 3 weeks. I am lying if I don't feel anxious how I am going through the due date  How do I know I am going to deliver? How does it feel? Where do I go when I was about to pop out? There's so many unknown facts that I didn't know. 

Hubs on the other hand also preparing himself, like there was this time when we went to kenduri at Perak and stop by for my toilet time. He was thinking about me that 'What if she's about to deliver in the toilet? How did I know she's going to deliver as I am waiting in the car? Did she just going to scream or what? Ok..probably wait for few minutes, else I'll go and check out for her' Sounds funny but it's real truth. What would you do?

Those sorts of questions kind of scary and making both of us nervous. What we can do right now is getting ourself ready with the knowledge to deliver and what not. Read and asked from those experience people. Family and friends really helps us going through this important time of our lives. 

Ya Allah, there's nothing is easy except what You make easy. You can make grief, if You wish, easy - Amin.

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