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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perihal Budak Kecik

Our house is on the most left at the floor, so we kinda have one neighbor on our right side.

They have little kids and the youngest around 4 or 5 years old.

Kinda hyper I would say. I on the other hand is soooo not good (bad. very bad) with kids. It's not like I dont like them (I mean come on, who dont like kids. Eh chop. I like babies but no not kids. haha)

I dont know how to talk to them
I dont know how to play with them
I dont know how to be with them when they are around

Gosh..I am really that bad and I wish no one would ever make me babysit their kids.
Plus, kids never like me. Im glad to be that way. Haha.

The best thing I could do is smile and say something nice - that's it. Dont expect more from me kiddo.

Back to the story of my neighbors kid.

She always come to our door whenever she sees us and everytime I saw her, all I can wish is that 'Please, dont ever come to me.' I would hide and use Hubby to take cover :P

The last few days, I went home and saw her and her siblings was playing in front of their house. Me on the other hand was praying hard she dont notice me. As you can guess, it's not happening.

She saw me with my plastic bag (I bought some groceries on that day) and rush to me saying 'Kakak nk masuk rumah. Nak nak nak'

I was like 'Dear God, please make this kid ran to her siblings because my face have this taring or my eyes is covered with blood'

Calmly (dalam hati tuhan je tau) I open the door with my fake smile to her.

All I did was just smile and pray.

'Kakak nk masuk rumah' she said again and open my gate as well while myself rushing to open my door.
'Kakak beli ape?' while reconcile my groceries.

It was only few seconds but I feel hours with her! Garr...

Then I manage to open my door and rush to my house said 'Beli barang. Eh..tu mak panggil. Byeee'


Thank God she knows the word Bye!

Immedietly she said Bye to me and wave her hand going back to her siblings.

I close the door and told hubby the drama. As always, he would be laughing his ass off.

Ohh...I really sucks with kids.

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