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Monday, March 14, 2011


Mi Casa.


Alhamdulillah. Perihal mendapatkan rumah telah selesai.

We went back Kuantan last weekand to settle the house and get the key. He bought it at Kertih when he was working there. Overtime, a lot of plan changed. He confess to me. He tried to get transfer to KL for us to be closer. Moved to KL and the rest was history :)

So people kind of asking why he bought the house there and he just said 'I just did'. Nk explain kang panjang la plak kan :P To most of our friend that knows the story, he always said 'How am I suppose to know that she would say yes?' Haha.

The house is next to McDonalds, close to Petronas, schools and pasar. The best thing is it was next to the shores!

We plan to give it for a rent and spread the news to his old colleague in Kertih. To be honest, I want to stay there but life as we both hubby and I knows it, that wouldn't be happening in coming years. It was soo exciting to see the house is there. I already dreaming of arranging the furniture in the house, do the cleaning, cooking etc (psst..I even dream of seeing our daughter walking down the stairs for her nikah :P)

Ouh..so much of dreaming. Haha.

We spent time for lunch as it is working day on Sunday for Terengganu. It was fun to see Hubby so happy with his friends and I personally think he is happier to be here. His friends is almost like a family. They treat me like another sister in law and we already can make fun of each other even we just met few minutes ago. A kind of collegue and friends that you want to keep.

See..so much reason to stay in Kertih *sigh*

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