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Friday, March 4, 2011

Passion Fruits

I saw this fruit sell in MBG midvalley. It's kind of rare to see this fruit sold so it's kinda interest me to try it but whenever I saw it displayed for sale, I couldn't help of thinking eating my own shower gel.

 It's ready to eat! But look at the juicy interior with that numerous seeds..

...and compare with it in the picture of my shower gel.

Yea, of course it is the same because Body Shops is promoting what they are selling - tak kan tulis passion fruit, letak gambar durian. Haha. Wait till you smell it. It smells the same with the fruit itself! Of course you know when you buy any product of Body Shop and use it, it's like using the fruits on your body. 

I tried quite a few and most of it is strawberry but I have no issue like this passion fruit. Kind of gross thinking you are licking your own body. Gar... nekad xmakan markisa dah! Haha.

Btwy, while waiting for a friend buying her sweet mango, I saw this: 

Kiwiberry! Who knew you can mixed kiwi and berry? (well I dont. Haha)

I wonder how it taste... :P

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