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Thursday, March 24, 2011

LH Creative

Did I tell you we have them as our vendor for our wedding card? Oh..I think I did.

Btwy, saje je nk update a bit. No. No. Not about the card but my friend went there to do their wedding invitation card and notice that our banner is hanging on the wall. I was like 'My banner?' Well, we do have banner for our wedding but it's been designed from our friend.

Then jinnnggg!! it comes to me that we do have free banner as a gift from LH (yes, they such a good dealer) and they kinda design it for as. Our designer make several sample and from there we show her which one to adjust but it didnt turns out what we want.

She made more than 4 banner (or 6?) but none of it can buy me. So we leave it there and we honestly forgot about it She didnt follow up either. Maybe frustrated to have such a fussy customer.Lolz.

I didnt expect they want to print it because we didnt say we approve it.

Hmm.. B, jom g LH this weekand nak? Haha

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