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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prep Prep Prep

Post sebelum ini adalah post reminder secara halus :P


I miss calculated my week of pregnancy. I thought I am still at 6 month and today I just realize I am at week 28, which means I'm already in my third trimester. Oh my!

Baby checklist dah ade okay ;)

Well, as a start, I am looking for the baby cupboard/drawers to store all the cloths and baby items. I prefer things to be organize before start anything. At least I know where to stuff all those baby things, instead of leave it in the box or paper bag like the one that we hae bought from baby fair last time. (This reminds me of the conversation with Along when she asked what are the things that I really want for my baby. During her time, she went crazy over baby/mommy accessories like baby sling/carrier. Now I realize mine is the cupboard which I dreamt of full white wooden cupboard/drawers with crystal-like round knobs)

Next, probably be the laundry time for some of baby cloths that we already bought. Meanwhile we should start looking at the checklist - baby gear, diapering, baby grooming, nursering etc. well, We actually did some shortlist item for baby car seat and stroller. Had consult with Along on this and luckily we did go and look for ourselves, instead of just depending on what we saw and read from internet.

We went to babystore last sunday to check out the items and spend more than hour just testing on the car seat and stroller but it is worth the hassle. Else we might end up choosing the uncomfortable stroller/carseat.

At first we were thinking of getting Combi Urban for stroller and Halford Zeus fot the carseat. I prefer Combi cause I love the stroller facing me and it is such convenience to have reversible handle. It is so cute (semua pun cute) but the baby seat seems small and a bit narrow for us. Plus it doesn't moves as smooth as other stroller that we tested. So instead, we end up choosing Maclaren Techno/Sports. So many plus point compared to Combi.

Next, we look for carseat which we choose Halford Zeus but the salesgirl told us that it doesn't fit for Proton or Perodua and they have tested it. Hubs have doubts but we hold our thought first and probably dig some info later on. Second choice probably the same brand but different series (Halford Neo), or probably we just go for other choices like Recaro (ni idaman Hubs) or Maxi Cosi or something else.

Nak beli barang mahal memang pikir lame kan. Nak2 when we are thinking of using it for years or probably it's just something that can wait. But we definitely need these two, unlike baby cot or sterilizer.

Ini tak masuk kisah breast pump lagi. Haa.. tapi tu dah decide we will go for Medela freestyle. We will buy online cause it is wayyyy cheaper but will buy it around next month - closer to delivery date. Saving for the warranty. Hehe.

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