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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 weeks to go

Ini adalah entry pemalas. Apologies for any spelling/grammatical error ;) Recap for the past weeks:

1) I don't have trouble going to toilet at night during first and second trimester which somehow I assume I won't have the problem till the end but I was completely wrong. I wake up every hour (at least) every night. Worst when I just had a pee and have to go back again after 5 minutes.

2) Baby sways a lot and it becomes so obvious that sometimes my tummy unevenly slanting.

3) Last check up at Week 33 with 2.3kg. We manage to see the face and if you understand/knows the position, can see that the baby most likely looks like Hubs :))

4) Bekung or is it bengkung? Ma already prepared one for me and Umie plans to buy another one from Sendayu Tinggi (?), the one with the set bersalin. Air or is it minyak? selusuh pon been prepared by Ma. Hubs and I have not idea what it's all about and how to use it but basically it's a coconut oil recited with doa. Ma said I have to consume it when I feel the pain for labor. Umie adds that other than air/minyak selusuh, I can take air bunga fatimah which I have no idea how does it looks like. At times like this, I feel super grateful to have mother(s) that take a good care for me. Syukur. Umie even plan to use her leave (I mean lotsSss of leave) during my confinement days. Wehooo!

5) Still haven't decide baby's name. We don't even have our name short listed.

6) Still haven't pack hospital bag (confident due at week 40 eh? :P) Aigoo...

7) Have yet to buy breast pump. We already ordered but haven't get the chance of meeting the person yet. Probably this week or next week to get the pump COD.

8) I love, LOVE baby rocker ever since bachelorette days tapi tak nak beli sebab didn't think it is necessary. Luckily there are some people that is generous enough to buy baby rocker for us!! Wohoooo!

9) Remember how we both didn't want baby cot? Haha. Shove it to our face! sebab Hubs dengan jayanye berjaya mengecek from Along :P tapi tak pasang lagi. Thank you Along! Almari baby pon da penuh dengan baju. Hanger fully occupied! siap kne lipat lagi. Courtesy from Along sayam laaa!! Much love! Nanti post gambar okay?!

10) Eh sudah sepuluh. Enough for now. Toodles!!

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