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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloud nine

I'm up above the sky today because Hubs praised me that I just made the best cake ever! Hubby who always have small little tiny imperfections on my cooking (but any imperfections must come after saying 'sedaaap tapi'. kalau tak, tak nak masak dah. haha.), it's either 'not rich enough' or 'too fluffy' or 'better add this or that' (he is my Chef Ramsey in the kitchen) but this time he said 'Everything perfect! I don't have any negative remarks for this'

Despite the looks :P Next time gotta do better!

He even told me to keep the recipe and he can finish it all.

This is the highest compliment - EVER! Feels like jotting down all his words. Wah! Over!

I am flattered! Wheeee~!!

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