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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Opportunity and love

People around me noticed that I baked quite a lot recently and most of them said it is an opportunity to make some business.

That word.


You see, I baked because I love to and not because I have to. To reach the extend of enjoying baking so much that I can make money out of it, is still far away to go. But God want to test me when Kak Su (officemates) ordered my chocolate cake. Well, I occasionally brings some cakes to the office and after tried several cakes that I make, she wants to order for her sons birthday. I told her I dont make business but she insist want to buy it from me.

Ah well...what the hell.

Package from Bagus

To be honest, I feel the pressure of baking the cake for her and i dont feel satisfied as what I did before. I feel like making another one but I am emotionally tired to do it again. I bring to Kak Su and told her I give it as a gift but she insist of giving the money. Aih...I respect her and I accept it.

Well I could see this is an opportunity but I dont feel like I am doing it now. Probably later when we move to Kerteh and (probably I stay home - for a while) bake for small business. I still do love baking and making cakes but I love taking my time.

But one thing that I am sure that failure and pressure is not going to stop my passion in this area and I would love to name it as a hobby of mine. Complements and supports from dearly of mine keeps me going and I hope, one day, I won't let their hope fade away :)

ps: Recipe from here :)

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