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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I tried it because it is so cute.


To my surprise, it works for my first trial. But maybe this would be the last time I ever done it alone. Don't really favor the taste. But I would do it again if it was just for fun with people that I love :)

Recipe taken from here.

I copied exactly from her steps and played around with the temperature. You know why? Because my oven is still new and plus it's small. So when I use the same temperature at the same period of time, it burns my macaron. Got to adjust the temp after one tray to another till it perfectly cooked.

It still taste good though. Haha (Gezz! I should buy a proper tray!)

Macaron's foot. Need to improve next time (if only I'll do it again)

Western's dessert has been always known for its sweetness for Asians. Therefore, to try out any of their recipe, you must lessen up the sugar first and taste it. Later you'll get the picture of how sweet they were. My macaron was fine for me but Ayah said he couldn't take the sweetness. Angah and Hubby said they are fine with it but they did mention they wouldn't eat more than 3 at a time.

The only things left :P

Like this blog mention, it tasted like one our famous candy during our childhood where we called it gula-gula udang but I doubt the taste would be different if you use different type of filling. There's also some good reading from New York Times mentioning different place have different taste of macaron and referring to her entertaining cynical writing, I just found even more fun things to try on with macaron despite the taste and colors :)

ps: Macaron and Macaroon is different. One O does matter according to here :)

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