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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kota Kinabalu (Part 2)

My God. I hardly remember what we did. Urgh...should have wrote as a draft right after the trip.

Anyway, move on to the next morning (on the third day) we take a tour trip with an agency and they sent Marcel as our tour guide. We had our ride shared with another pair of Australian peeps. We paid for RM180 per pax for Kundasang and Kota Kinabalu park. Sounds not much but there's quite plenty of adhoc pit stop towards the day :P


We started early in the morning around 8AM and it took one and half hour to reach Kundasang. It wasn't a pleasant ride as the road was uneven (even it was sealed road) and a lot of holes but it doesn't bother us much as we've been entertained with green scenery (such a breath taking view) and informative Marcel who answer all of our ridiculous questions. We asked so many questions one of it was this - 'What's the PHYSICAL difference between Dusun and Bajau? Because all of you looks the same' and I remember when he gladly answer 'Orang Dusun have visible muscle sebab mereka selalu naik turun bukit angkat barang. If Bajau itu bentuknya tak serupa. Kurus dan gelap dari Dusun. Saya Dusun. See, I have fair skin' Haha.

US heading to Kundasang

I forgot to mention our driver whose name I forgot but I remember he drove 100kmph up to the hill. Fast and steady to cut over any bus or car in front of us. Later we found out he was a bus driver who frequently drove up and down Kundasang area. FYI, Kundasang is a valley and imagine the road is like Genting/Cameron road with longer kilometers. He don't even makes us dizzy or what so ever (just a bit of scary at first concerning the safety but after looking his skills, well, he drove us safely) Salute!

Anyway, Kundasang is just famous village area and we didn't stop at the market there (cried sebab tak boleh beli fresh looking vege to bring back home). The place was on our way to the first pit stop, thus explain the green scenery ;) 

Pekan Nabalu

First pit stop was Pekan Nabalu where the place is famous with local craft. We bought some of our souvenirs like beras bukit and purple keropok (Marcel told us that we can't get any cheaper price compared to other place and it is soo true! RM10 for 7 key chains). We could see Mount Kinabalu from this place and there's even a look up tower which we are not even keen to go over tapi lepas tu menyesal. We just broke Vacation Rule - DO EVERYTHING THAT IS PROVIDED FOC!

Mount Kinabalu from Pekan Nabalu

Shima was so hungry and I accompanied her for breakfast. Hubby and the rest do some bargaining for the stuff and we spent for about half an hour here. I bought seikat pisang (more than 15 biji pisang emas) with RM2. Wohooo!! Cheapest and nyummiest banana I ever bought! Bahana lapar sangat

Wanted this mirror but nahh...

Coins bag.

Kinabalu Park

Ahh.. we supposed to be here since Day 1 for Mount Kinabalu climbing but unfortunately fate didn't pass through us just yet. Hopefully we can make it next year :) Here's where all the climbers stay over before starts their climbing and they have several parks that visitor (non-climber like us) to see Sabah reserved nature.

Info board at Kinabalu Park

Here are the info board where it shows International Climbathon record. Such an awesome feeling looking those proud list. Not far, there's an exhibition room regarding the park and some other information about it's nature. Usual stuff like the culture and history which most of them are quite known to us but we forget cause we learn like thousand years ago during schools.

Marcel explaining the geographical area of Borneo

One thing that impressed me so much is the time capsule's kept here! The idea was from Tun Mahathir in conjunction of counting the high of Mount Kinabalu expedition. There's some his personal belongings that was kept inside and scheduled to open on October 2020. At that time I'm already 34 years old. Whooo...macam tak lame jer.

Time Capsule

Stuffed animals

Botanical Garden

Our trip package didn't include Botanical Garden but our Australian riders request for the place and we dont mind go there as well. It's not that far from the exhibition place just now, so why not kan - but with additional own charges of the entrance fee as it didn't cover with the package price.

I don't remember we walked to the place

One good thing about Marcel is he knows well all the plants and how/what/why the purpose of each. Kind of knowledge session in science class. He showed us Cinnamon tree and told us (with apologies that afraid the info might offended to us) that married couple normally pounded the cinnamon to make it powdery and applies it to men's willie. It works like viagra. Enough said. Funny thing was that's the only thing I remember from his class. HAHA!


Wild orchids

Oh..he even shared some of his experience working as tour guide. To our surprise he is at the same age with us, yet he had changed and travelled so many places as tour guide. Such an awesome job he had and all of us starts to envy him :P

Flower that have fruits that taste nothing :P

Small little orchid.

We can't help ourselves comparing Botanical Park at Peninsular and we must admit that Peninsular offers more than this place except the cool temperature. As we walked around, we could feel this place much cooler as it is located at the hills. So many pictures taken from this place and I wish my internet is 12mbps. Garr!!

Ok. Chiau! Tempat lain pulak. (Hubby macam tengah kawad :P)

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