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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I finally manage to go Magh's house which actually not that far from home. Sheeshhhh..if only I knew earlier! Hazirah arrived at the same time with me and we played with Maryam while waiting for the rest and I couldn't resist to snap her photo through out the day.

She is the easiest and nicest baby I ever met! She only cries when she wants milk. Other than that, we can take her away from her Mommy and played with her hair, dance and talk with her like adult babies should be. Sebab tu kalau jalan-jalan, Magh tak yah bawak stroller sebab semua orang willing to dukung her ;)) She even sleeps soundly in the car on our way to the restaurant while me, Hazirah and Magh gossiping talking at volume 5!

 Yam, dont grow up so fast okay?

While her mommy was getting ready for breakfast lunch, me and Hazirah dressed up Maryam and prepared her for our girls outing. Hubby and Abe Ja super sporting sebab let us have our girl's day out. Bukan selalu dapat bile dah berlaki especially when they are available. Kalau derang outstation tu lain cerita lah. Kekadang terselit cerita pasal pasar or house chores dengan Magh since only both of us married in the group. Kinda funny when the topic is actually boring but me and Magh keeps on updating each other on the news where's the cheapest place to get fresh fish or how often we mopped the floor. All other girls rolling their eyes or making =_= face cause we just crash the conversation. Hahaha.

Che Hani. Mok Sa. Che Aliah.

We met at Ulam's near Giant Kinrara and the place was quite cozy for lepaking but I don't like the price. Sape suke harga tempat harga the same limau ais that cost RM1.50 for me and RM1.20 for Aliah? Someone made jokes that Aliah harga murah sebab muka student. We starts to compare each other's meal and to our hypothesis, the higher your salary, the higher your price will be, despite how simple lauk you take. Haha.

Lauk Kelantan habes!

Kerabu sedap!

Raje was late but she is forgiven because she bring us jellybeans!! I didn't know that not all jellybeans tasted nice and she purposely pick some of horrible jellybeans ever tasted. The reason is to make the eating part more interesting - with rules no picking. So it's like everyone couldn't pick any of the colors after some of us notice which colors tasted like meds or plastic or cinnamon or i-just-couldnt-figure-what's-the-horrible-taste-like! Urghh!

Even pink and pale pink jellybeans tasted differently

We all have high sugar at the end of the meeting after tested one jellybeans and another. Tak puas hati punyer pasal selagi tak dapat yang sedap. Dah la kene makan jugak kalau tak sedap, else kene skip turn amek jellybeans. And whoever cheats sneaking over the jellybeans will skip 3 rounds before her turns to take the jellybeans. Oh my..it makes me realize how crazy we are at that moment over freaking jellybeans! 


Oh my... we ARE crazy. It's just less than 2 hours meeting but I was laughing my ass off all the time.

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