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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Goofing with break lights

We just came back from dinner and was about to reach home. There's Alphard in front of us and did you know Alphard have LED for it's break lights? So cute! (I am such a dork for lights and I can melt for any guy who brings me to iCity (which I already married to :)))

One of the LED didn't lit up when he press the brake. So we were talking about the LED brake and how cost effective it were for cars. Hubs told that if one brake light damage, others still can functions. Angah came to a statement 'Cost effective comes with high one time cost' So true!  This conversation happens when we stop at the traffic light at our home.

Anyway, the light was so bright and it annoys me (Alphard driver keep pressing his break while waiting the traffic light turns green) but somehow a lightbulb came out of my head - lets take picture! must be awesome cause everyone will look red! 

It was so funny because I just get the idea seconds before the traffic lights turn green. I am rushing getting my camera ready and Hubs was trying to chase the car. Whenever we are so close to to it and every time Alphard hits the brake, it's either I am to late to snap a picture or the light already goes off. 

Cepat-cepat..alaa...da takde

Ok. Ok. Sekali lagi. Alamak. Gegar.

Alamak..lagi teruk. (Hubs muke tak berubah.Haha!) 

Kejar lagi. Cepat!

Hah! Amek! Paling dekat! Paling merah!

I hope the driver didn't notice we are chasing his car over his brake light ;P


easternC said...

hahahahahhaha abrak muke copy paste je sme gambar... !! :D

The wife said...

kan?! kan?! macam edit tambah lighting je :P

The husband said...

Ingat senang ke nk focus untuk drive, tekan break, senyum lg.. haaaa..