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Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I have so far

Here's what I have as for now.
1) Checklist
2) ...

That's enough which it tells everything. Haha.

Well, I've talked to Umi few days back regarding the dewan and the date. Yes! THE DATE which is not confirmed yet. These two are important for everything started and it depends on each other. Tak dapat book dewan, dah tentu tak dapat that date kan?

We also talked on having garden theme wedding. Ahh..that is sooo my dream to have (Ohhh..I love Nabila's!). But the color always an issue. Theme garden haruslah white/green kan? But then again, we could always add another color of our favourites. The issue is what color suits the best and most importantly I love the most? Hmm..

Today I've googled on baju nikah which our wedding will be white and silver theme. We manage to decide on this since we already bought the kain during our engagement preparation. But hey, that could always change since I read a lot of people make changes even though the already finish the list. Huhu.

Another thing before I forget is my families theme color. As for nikah, I would go for white. Then again, kne cari kain. Aih...too much info to tell.

By the way, I'll put the checklist on the side of the blog :)

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