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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Manage to talk to Umi today (after few days call asek xdpt je) We basically agree with the date and she'll confirm with the dewan these coming days. Then she'll call his mom to confirm the date and hantaran.

Eventhough tak dapat Kompleks Dagangan Mahkota (since sangat pricey), I just have to satisfy with the dewan yang dekat kat umah tu. Therefore, I couldnt take fresh flowers for reception wedding sebab dewan tu xde aircond :( But..the good news is we will use fresh flowers for nikah and there will be small pelamin for it.

Umi agree with my idea to wear baju putih for our family during nikah session and I'll buy the kain or find baju yang dah siap for our family here. Tengok la which ever suits my budget and my preferences ;)

She said that she already buy langsir (hijau katernyer) and nak beli new bed (and it's white!) Yeay! Oh my.. I love my Umi the most!

Hopefully, everything will runs smoothly. Amin

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