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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Long silence since no update to make.Huhu.

Well..we have one today :) Umi asked to call her last night and we manage to talk this evening. She's asking about what do I think of her suggestion on her boutique preferences. I said I'm okay and done my homework on that boutique (Boutique A) but I still need to talk and have a look by myself on what that two options offers. What I like about Boutique A is that they had arrange a wedding at the dewan at my house tu. So I guess they have additional points where they know how to deal with the arrangement and deco better.

Umi talked about her plans that she had in mind and Im very shocked for every idea that she made. Why? I never expect it comes from my mom kot! Haha. She's wants to have an ice cream (see..told ya!) for a dessert and pulut manis. I am soo excited about it when Umi told me her idea as she seems like reading my mind (hugs Umi jap). She even wants to have these kind of table arrangement for her guests. Plus the door gift for VIP's during reception. Pretty shocking huh?! :P

Umi also had check the boutique's available in Kuantan and she made her own homework (aa..hugs Umi lagi) She surveyed DNora but she found another boutique that interest her most (Boutique A that I told you earliear). Well, Umi wants to have only one boutique that handles everything from pelamin at dewan, mini pelamin, deco dewan, meja pengantin, bilik pengantin, baju reception and make up, if possible. Yeah..it's easier that way.

She also asked me to discuss with Mr.Fiancee on what would be the hantaran. She's concern that her daughter didnt know how to handle her own wedding. Umi, along da nk kawin ni. I can take care of myself :P Ouh..memang banyak pesanan td. About photographer la, explain psl adat la. Ha..she mention that my wedding will follow adat orang Pahang. I was shocked since I didnt know that we will follow any adat. But my engagement ikut adat Kelantan. Tah la my Umi. She's the mastermind (wink!)

I am soo happy when she told me that we finally get to book the dewan! Yeay! Mr.Fiancee's mom also called Umi to tell her that they will have another visit this June. Maybe to discuss a bit further on how things goes. Ohh..happy..happy that things went well over this few days :)

ps: Finally get the date and dewan! Alhamdulillah :D

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