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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We found our favorite honeymoon place. It's in Bali. This is all because we love the inside swimming pool for every room rented. Once Mr.Fiancee had a look the site and the review, he straight away decided to go there :p

We kinda check the rates and the flight ticket but all promotion as for now ends during August. Lolz. I think we have to wait or find another similar place that is cheaper, but we dont think it's easy to find the similar facilities in Malaysia.

TheClubVilla definitely the best spot for honeymoon ^__^

Btwy, I suppose to list the wedding budget tonight. Well, I have one but roughly done. Yeah..gotta have to do that. I think I need to properly divide the checklist, eg: the doorgift during nikah, reception and good friends.

Ouh, plus had discussed with Angah on the doorgift for akad nikah which will be yaasin, tasbih and DIY chocolate deco. That's the suggestion for now.

ps: Hasnt decide the date yet :( But Daniel much affordable from Syahrinaziz. Like! Like!

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